Seed of Life Activation
Crispell Wagner, Carl Gruesz, Ryan Wartena and Sage Kochavi

Four hours and a trencher.

A wider view. Trenching complete!

Laying out the hardware.

Ruggedized(hah!) 3com ethernet switch in its natural habitat.

Beginning to install the hardware.

Making some serious installation progress.

Installation continues until sunrise. Then, we nap.

Ryan and Cris place an activation disc.

Elizabeth burries more wire.

Sundown. Most pods placed and wired in.

Burying the pods after first activation. Everything seems to far.

Cris debugging in the desert at 4am. Unexpected problems in the real world.

Meditations on a functioning Activation Disc(sensor platform).

Sunrise. Everything is installed and tested!

Ryan and Sage enjoy the moment of completion.

Celebration. Cris and Ryan celebrate in the style they are accustomed to(in the desert).